Affordable AI connects to a better life



Deep Learning

We train deep learning to recognize objects or motions and to predict human actions.

Computer Vision

Computer vision algorithms enable the visual intelligence of edge devices.

Model Optimization

Our optimization engine is the key to bring complicated algorithms from lab to real-life applications.

Embedded Integration

With rich experience of embedded systems, we are experts to enable heavy computations on low-power devices.


Algorithms Design

Our CV and DL experts design algorithms for customers' applications.


The optimization engine compresses your DL models to make them smaller and faster.

Intelligent Layer

The intelligent computing layer can be integrated into mobile, cloud or embedded devices as a service.


We provide consultant services to customers who want to enable the applications or edge devices with intelligence.



Bofu Chen

Co-Founder / CTO


Tammy Yang Ph.D.

Co-Founder / Director of Research


Ning Lu

Head of Business Development


Jocelyn Chen Ph.D.

Head of CV Research


Joseph Liu

Director of Engineering


Sherry Chung

Data Scientist


7F-1, No.429, Guangfu S. Rd.
Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

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