DT42 - Data, AI and IoT

With the AI solution provided by DT42, edge devices can recognize object, human behavior and anomaly events from images, videos, sensor data without relying on the cloud. Besides supporting enterprise customers, DT42 also open source the core engine, BerryNet, which is popular in education and IoT industries.

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Bring AI from lab to production

End-to-end, from cloud to edge

The solution we deliver includes the complete data pipeline optimized for the edge AI scenario to achieve flexible data input, high precision and fast deep learning computation powered by hardware accelerator such as Intel OpenVINO, Nvidia TensorRT, or the optimizers of deep learning frameworks.

Easy deployment

Customers only need to collect data and our solution will take care of the rest. Our technology helps devices learn from data and know how to make decisions easily. It provides our customers efficient solutions for production and can be applied to many industries ranging from surveillance, drone to IoT and elderly care.

Customizable AI

Bring your own data and train the model that fit your specific need.

Computer Vision

Use AI to provide flexible and easy-to-learning computer vision experience

Affordable Deep Learning

Small and fast deep learning solutions using affordable computing resources for production

Edge Devices

Available on multiple embedded systems, enable smarter machine vision locally on edge devices

Turn your data into AI applications on edge devices

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Object detection

Detect people, cars, animals precisely with locations. This can be used for surveillance systems, drones, and retailers.

Behavior detection

Detect people behavior such as falling or fighting. This can be used in elderly care or security systems.

Customize a model and run it as Library or Service Pack on your own hardware

We optimize the computing resources used by deep learning so it is affordable for production.

About Us

DT42 team has strong backgrounds in AI technology and the embedded systems. Our expertise enables next generation machine vision on edge devices.