Platform to make AI applications for edge devices

Accelerate Production of Edge AI Applications


Automatic AI data labeling and augmentation


Easy-to-use convolutional neural network model customization


Scenario-based evaluation and benchmark


Multiple HW architecture support with optimization

Data Processing

Epeuva provides automatic data labeling and active learning mechanism to reduce the efforts of data labeling.

No matter the data is collected by a camera or by a set of sensors, the AI engine embedded in Epeuva detects the data types and converts the data format so it can be used for machine learning easily. The only thing you need to care about is the data collection.


Machine learning usually relies on high-end computing resources, especially the deep learning technology. Epeuva optimizes the AI engine for target hardware platforms so the AI engine can be deployed to new or existing edge devices easily.

The optimization of the AI engine not only improves the performance but also saves power when it is deployed at edge.


Deployment is complicated, it covers device authentication, system integration and future online updates. Epeuva takes care of it for you.

After the AI model is designed, trained and tested on the platform, Epeuva deploys it to devices massively. By using the Epeuva protocol, applications can get inference results at edge devices easily.

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